Our core business is to  deliver Internet, Voice and Television services to the maritime industry. Every ship, tanker, dredger, rig of office need high quality communication. SpeedCast not only use with the best hardware brands, work with experienced certified engineers, provide quality airtime and a 24/7 support team for aftersales. We are specialist in building your communication needs exactly to the measures of your company.

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To optimize the quality of our products we developed some great ideas wich we call our solutions. Each one of the amazing products show below is a solution to something we were missing at some point.

Our solutions keep growing and with it our great product. Join us and experience all the benefits and advantages for your company!


Our typical SCPC DVB-S2 configuration


Automatic Satellite Roaming

By using our satroaming-server, you will be roaming amongst others in all the footprints we have. Imagine to move around the globe, and have your system up and running all the time.

Features in our satroaming:

  • Management and control for modem and antenna.
  • Footprint overview and your location.
  • Information from our support-team in the screen.
  • Selecting and switching over to several satellites automated and / or manual.
  • Automatic updates of the footprints, satellites and roaming information.
  • Allways information available on system status.

VSAT Portal

Track your vessels

Wonder what the exact position of your vessel is? Our VSAT Portal is a great way to keep track of the
whereabouts of you vessel.
All the information you need appear on a map so you can quickly see the position of the vessel. Shipping companies have the advantage to keep track of their whole fleet.
Also the VSAT Portal includes complete satellite information of your subscription.

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Prepaid Cards

For crew and passengers

Our prepaid cards enable crew and passengers to make private calls, use the internet & send SMS and email at very attractive tariffs. SpeedCast Maritime gives you the option to purchase two different prepaid cards..


Note: Prepaid cards, Vouchers and Refills can only be ordered by our clients.



Bring you up to speed

Internet is of increasingly importance in daily communication. Nowadays we cannot do without Social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Away from home, at sea, there is a great desire to take advantage of these media and thus to keep in touch with your family. Of course an acceptable speed is required for success.
SpeedCast offers this possibility. The simplest option is webcompression. No additional hardware other than a PC and an internet connection is required onboard…

Secure Your Virtual Environments

Network Security Protection

The evolution of network security threats is driving the design of security products to include multiple
threat recognition systems within a single appliance.
FortiGate 1240B multi-threat security appliance from
Fortinet is a new generation of secure gateways that fully integrate essential security and networking functions into a single device to identify and stop multiple threats effectively and efficiently.
Never before has so much security functionality been
consolidated into a single, high-performance device.

Video Conference

Satellite Telepresence Solutions

Want to enhance your communication with vessels around the globe using eye to eye contact? SpeedCast’s high speed satellite connections now allow you to benefit from video conferencing facilities (and applications like telemedicine and distance education).

Our Teleports

Globally positioned earthstations

To reach the satellite an Earthstation is needed. SpeedCast Maritime has its own controlled teleport in the Netherlands, Australia, Germany, Hong Kong, Brewster and Miami. We are in control of the total link. We own the equipment for uplinking the signals so no third party is needed.