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Internet is of increasingly importance in our daily communication. Nowadays we cannot do without Social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Away from home, at sea, there is a great desire to take advantage of these media and thus to keep in touch with your family. Of course an acceptable speed is required for success.

Elektrikom offers this possibility. The simplest option is webcompression. No additional hardware other than a PC and an internet connection is required onboard. Webcompression is installed centrally in our state of the art datacenter and makes the website appear onboard very quickly. Techniques to effectively compress large images are used and on request high resolution images can be made available by one mouse click.

If this still isn’t fast enough, Elektrikom offers surfing SatCloud. The webpages are retrieved in our data and made available onboard. The connection between the vessel and the data center is no longer the limiting factor. It’s as quick as a home connection. Experience it yourselves and apply for a demo account.

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